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Modern Interior Design

Our Story

       ZUKK Smart is India's first line of designer and innovative smart furniture. We are a Chennai-based startup conceptualised by Gokulakrishnan, a furniture design enthusiast with a passion for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces that seamlessly integrate technology into everyday life. Our mission is to transform the way people interact with their furniture by providing smart solutions that enhance comfort, convenience, and style.

       we believe that furniture should not just be a piece of décor; it should be an extension of your lifestyle. Our smart furniture line is designed to adapt to your needs and preferences, making life a little easier and more enjoyable. 

Why Shop from us ?


ZUKK develops and produces original designer smart furnitures for todays connected world. Together we explore new behaviors, expressions and technology. By studying and re-thinking everyday life, we make sure every product has a story worth telling.


Our collection is made from authentic materials and manufactured by skilled craftsmen in our in-house facility. Our products adhere to environmental standards and industry certifications.


By championing no-hassle purchase process, speedy deliveries and easy to assembly furniture, Takk makes it easy to discover, acquire and live with great design.


ZUKK makes high-end design at accessible prices, without compromising on quality or environment. We achieve this by streamlining our processes, slimming our overheads and by going directly from factory to customer.


ZUKK is the next generation design brand. We cater to design-lovers across the globe who love the new, the unseen, the brave. Behind every corner, there is a potential of the unexpected.


ZUKK builds long-term and prosperous relationships. We strive to create shared value for all our stakeholders while decreasing negative social and environmental impacts from our operations. We pledge to plant one tree for every piece of furniture sold by ZUKK.

Our Clients

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