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De-Clutter Your Bedroom with a Smart Bedside Table

Updated: Feb 2

Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary with the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table - Valencia Collection


Transform your nightly routine with the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table from the Valencia Collection. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome convenience into your life with this innovative piece of furniture that seamlessly blends technology with style.

Smart Features

  1. Effortless Device Management with Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

  • Say farewell to tangled cords and hello to organized simplicity with the built-in PDU.

  • Access power sockets conveniently placed at your bedside for easy device charging.

  1. Wireless Charging for Ultimate Convenience

  • Experience the epitome of convenience with wireless charging capabilities.

  • Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the designated spot and wake up to a fully charged device every morning.

  1. Integrated Reading Light for Personalized Comfort

  • Unwind at the end of the day with the adjustable reading light feature.

  • Customize brightness levels to suit your mood and create the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

  1. Enhanced Security with Fingerprint Lock

  • Prioritize your privacy and security with the advanced fingerprint lock feature.

  • Keep your personal belongings safe and easily accessible with cutting-edge biometric technology.

Benefits of the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table

  • Streamlined Organization: Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy bedside setup with intelligent wire management.

  • Convenience: Enjoy easy access to power sockets and wireless charging capabilities for a seamless charging experience.

  • Customized Comfort: Adjust the reading light to your preferred brightness level for personalized relaxation.

  • Peace of Mind: Keep your essentials secure with the fingerprint lock feature, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

Enhance Your Bedroom Experience Today

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table from the Valencia Collection. Embrace convenience, organization, and style in one multifunctional marvel.


  • What makes the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table unique?

  • The ZUKK Smart Bedside Table offers a seamless blend of technology and style, featuring innovative smart features such as wireless charging, integrated reading light, and fingerprint lock for enhanced convenience and security.

  • How does the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) work?

  • The built-in PDU provides easy access to power sockets right at your bedside, allowing you to effortlessly manage your devices without the hassle of tangled cords.

  • Is the wireless charging feature compatible with all smartphones?

  • Yes, the wireless charging feature is compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones, ensuring universal compatibility and convenience for users.

  • Can I adjust the brightness of the reading light?

  • Yes, the integrated reading light offers pleasant neutral white lighting, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your mood and preferences.

  • How secure is the fingerprint lock feature?

  • The fingerprint lock feature utilizes cutting-edge biometric technology to ensure enhanced security, providing peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are safe and easily accessible.

  • Does the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table come with a warranty?

  • Yes, the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table comes with a 12 months warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction and product reliability.


Experience the future of bedroom furniture with the ZUKK Smart Bedside Table. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with innovative smart features, enhanced convenience, and stylish design. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined, organized bedside experience.